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Loss of Species and habitats

Topic: Loss of Species and habitats

Learning Outcomes

  • identify features of different habitats
  • identify dangers to habitats and species



Think-pair-share different habitats that exist around the world. Create a list of these on the blackboard.


Tell the class how some habitats in the world have become endangered for a number of different reasons. Brainstorm what could be a danger to the different habitats that have been listed earlier.

Present: to the class and see if they can identify the common element that exists in the loss of habitats i.e. human interaction.

Divide the class into groups and give each group a habitat to research. Tell the class to research what plants and animals exist in their chosen habitat and create a fact file on it.

When these have been created, get the groups to research what poses the greatest danger to their chosen habitat e.g. rainforest in danger of deforestation, ocean habitats in danger from pollution. When the main danger has been identified, the group can create an awareness poster that will be paired with their habitat factfile.


When completed, each group can present their work to the class.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Book Creator could be used in creating factfile.

Toontastic could be used to create a news report on the habitat destruction.