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Grandparents day

Topic: Grandparents day

Learning Outcomes

To appreciate the role of grandparents in a child’s life

To make comparisons between school life in the past and the present

To celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of senior citizens



Show photos / video clips of past school classroom items, uniforms etc. Ask children to compare this to our own school and classroom, what are the similarities and differences? Ask children how we could find out more about what school life was like in the past. Elicit that we could interview our grandparents.


Create a KWL chart with the children about school in the past. Use this to choose questions that they would like to ask their grandparents on grandparents day.



Children write and share their favourite things to do with their grandparents.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Photographs and videos of past classroom items.

Use of I-pads to record questions or favourite memories to show grandparents on Grandparent’s day.