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Values that I Value

Topic: Values that I Value

Learning Outcomes

explore lived values in his/her values in his or her life and develop these values through the development of a personal values charter.

explore interpretations and shades of right and wrong.




The children will listen to a story which highlights the moral of our individuality.

Together we will discuss how all families are unique and different.

the children will make a list of the values important to their family.


Each child will be given the opportunity to voice their opinions and explain their answers. The children will also be encouraged to give examples of when they learned these values through their past experiences.

All children will create a ‘Moral Wall chart’. It will contain their family crest and words highlighting the important values specific to their family. For example: Honesty, working hard, kindness.



The children will share their ideas with the class. Using iPads and the app ‘Digital Storyboard’ will present their work.



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