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One Plastic Bag

Topic: One Plastic Bag

Learning Outcomes

The child should be enabled to

  • Locate Gambia on a map.
  • Know that developing countries and developed countries exist.
  • Understand the main differences between developing countries and developed countries.
  • Understand that people’s actions impact the environment, positively and negatively.
  • Identify current threats to our environment.
  • Explore ways that their actions can make a difference to environmental threats.
  • Understand that often a systematic change is needed.




Locate Gambia on the map.

Elicit prior knowledge around the concept of developing world and developed world.

In groups children record their ideas about what the  developing world is and  what the developed world is.

Discuss each other’s ideas.

Explain that there is no one agreed definition of what a developing country is, developed countries are socially and economically advanced. Developing countries do not enjoy the same advances, aspects of their country are still developing and they are poorer.

In groups children discuss the kind of challenges that people in the developing world might face.


Introduce the story.

Ask children to pay close attention to the challenges that Isatou and the women of the village are facing and how they overcome this challenge.

Read the story, One Plastic Bag to the class.

Think- Pair- Share discussions answering four questions:

  1. What happens in the story to encourage Isatou and her friends to make a change?
  2. Why did they not see the plastic as a problem before?
  3.  What did the women do about the rubbish problem?
  4. Do you think their solution will solve the problem permanently?


Inform the children of the impact of the plastic bag levy on our society.

Class discussion are there similar issues in our society now that require a fundamental change e.g single plastic use?

Children finish sentence starters.

I see……….. as a threat to environment.


I can……… to help change this…….


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