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Topic: Friendship

Learning Outcomes

  1. That the child should be enabled to: explore the advantages/disadvantages of friendships.
  2. That the child should be enabled to: identify the differences between acquaintances and friends.
  3. That the child should be enabled to: explore the importance of friendship.



  • Teacher will illicit prior knowledge from the class based on friendship and how it can evolve over time.
  • WALT – identify the qualities of a good friend.
  • Teacher will play short stimulus video clip based on the differences between friends and acquaintances.


  • Teacher will invite the class to create a ‘conversation circle’ in the class. All tables moved back and chairs all facing each other in a big circle.
  • Teacher will guide discussion based on friendship and encourage the children to share their opinions.
  • Children invited to change seats if they know someone who is very shy/friendly/lonely etc:
  • Children encouraged to think, pair and share some of their thoughts/feelings on friendship. Again, teacher will guide discussion and present the class with one question at a time to think, pair, share ideas.
  • Children seperated into mixed ability groups and presented with iPads, each group invited to collaborate and participate in friendship online Kahoot! Quiz –


  • Cognitive: Recap of the lesson, children asked to share what they have learned in their own words.
  • Social: All desks to be tidied, iPads returned. Children asked to prepare for the next lesson.


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