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Planting bulbs for spring

Topic: Planting bulbs for spring

Learning Outcomes


To enable the children to-

  • Identify the changes that occur in spring
  • Understand that spring is a time for growth and new life
  • Plant a bulb successfully


  • Plastic containers
  • Bulbs
  • Compost
  • “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle




I will introduce this lesson by having a discussion with the class about spring time. I will ask the class:

  • Does anybody know what happens in spring?
  • What sort of weather is it in spring time?

I will tell the children that we are going to be talking about Spring time. As a group we will discuss Spring, and talk about it being a time of newness; about new life and new beginnings.

I will ask the children what we need to help us grow and to be strong. I will then ask them what they think plants might need to help them grow. I will have a discussion with the children about what they said humans need to grow and I will ask them if they think plants need all of these things too. I will then tell them how flowers grow from little seeds in the ground and grow roots and shoots.

I will get the children to go through it with me and do all the actions and stretch their hands up high in the air.



We are going to plant our own bulbs in the school garden. I will explain to the children what they have to do. Each table will be given some compost and bulbs. I will then ask the children to put a little compost in the ground and to place their bulb in on top of the compost. I will go around checking that they are positioning their bulbs correctly. I will tell the children to place some more compost on top of their bulbs. We will watch the plants very closely and water them accordingly.

After planting the seeds, I will ask the children to look out the window and see if they can see any signs of spring;

I will then invite the children to talk about what they like best about Spring and why.


The children will keep the an eye on their bulbs in the school garden making sure the area is kept free from weeds etc so the bulbs can grow.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle (story showing what plants need to grow)