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Judaism festival- Rosh Hashanah

Topic: Judaism festival- Rosh Hashanah

Learning Outcomes

Identify the world religion(Judaism) and important symbols  from a previous lesson.

Name the type of foods that is eaten during Rosh hashanah.






The children will watch a video about Rosh hashanah. In pairs the children will discuss the video and identify any foods/symbols they recognise.


We will compile a list of foods on the board in groups.  The children will then be introduced to pictures of the different foods/symbols eaten during Rosh Hashanah.  In small groups the children will match pictures to words of important symbols/foods from Rosh Hashanah.


The children will eat apples dipped in honey as a celebration for Rosh hashanah.

Finally the children will do a cloze procedure of words related to the Judaism religion.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Video of Rosh Hashanah.