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Holi Festival

Topic: Holi Festival

Learning Outcomes

The child shall be enabled to:
• look at how different festivals are celebrated
• categorise and distinguish between festivals e.g. festivals of light and festivals of darkness
• examine the art and music associated with the celebration of these festivals



Write the word “festival” on the whiteboard. Discuss what this means. Make a list of festivals, suggested by the class.

Holi is a festival celebrated by hindu’s. Can you remember any other festivals celebrated in this belief system? (Divali). It is celebrated in March, marking the start of spring in the Hindu calendar

Show a picture of Holi festival being celebrated. Discuss (in groups or as a whole class).

tell the story of Holi festival (see youtube video below).




Children draw a self portrait on  white page.

Each child has a paintbrush with a colour of their choice on it. Pass you self portrait to others at your table so they can dab their paint on to your picture, sharing their colour.


listen to Holi festival music while they work on their art.






Children can then retell the story of Holi in their own words.





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