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Birth of Guru Nanak

Topic: Birth of Guru Nanak

Learning Outcomes

  • identify features of Sikhism
  • become aware of the life of Guru Nanak
  • learn about the teachings of Guru Nanak and why he is important to the Sikh religion



Revise the basic of the Sikh religion using PowerPoints about features of the religion.


Remind the class how other religions have people who lead celebrations e.g. priests, rabbis, etc….. In the Sikh religion, it is a guru who leads events and spreads the teachings of Sikhism. Through the years, some Guru have been remembered more than others for different reasons. Today, they will be looking at the life of Guru Nank and why he was so important to the Sikh people. He was the founder of the religion and his birth is remembered each year:

Share with the class different stories of the life of Guru Nanak:


Divide the class into groups and using Book Creator, create a project on Sikhism.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Book Creator for Sikhism project.