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Friendship Week

Topic: Friendship Week

Learning Outcomes

That the children will learn what it means to be a good friend

That the child should be able to identify qualities that are needed for Friendship

The children will partake in games taking turns and building friendships.

The children will enjoy the story The Rainbow Fish

The children will discuss the story and how Friendship was shown




Introduce the children to the topic of Friendship by showing them the story of the Rainbow Fish.

Discuss the story and the feeling of the fish.

Play a game of Blindman’s buff to develop trust among friends. Do paired reading with a younger class.



Ask the children questions to develop the theme of friendship and to allow them to explore the theme and the feeling of different characters.

  • Describe the Rainbow Fish’s behaviour at different points in the story. How did his behaviour make the other fish feel?
  • The Rainbow Fish gives away his most prized possessions. What are your most prized possessions? Why are they important to you?
  • Does this story have a moral? What is it?

Integration: English and Art



Reflect using drama and art to further develop the theme.


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Being a good friend

Topic: Being a good friend

Learning Outcomes

The children will learn what it means to be a good friend, all the qualities and characteristics that make a good friend.

The children will be able to list 3 qualities that make a good friend.

The children will be enabled to discuss what way they would like a friend treat them.



Play a song “You got a Friend in Me (Toy Story)  and ask the children to listen to the words and enjoy.

Discuss the song.

Write on white”What makes a good friend”



Get the children to Think Pair Share

Brainstorm the word friend on the board. Write down what the children report back.


Read the story “A Dinosaur called Tiny” –

The children will listen to the story.

To further develop the lesson, divide the children into groups and ask to create a Freeze Frame of their favourite part of the book.


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http://youtube You got a friend in me