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The Storm Whale – environmental care and artwork

Topic: The Storm Whale – environmental care and artwork

Learning Outcomes

The child will be enabled to:

  • develop an awareness and understanding of the need to reduce waste and reuse and recycle materials to benefit the environment
  • debate on environmental issues



‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies

  • Show the cover of the book – ask for predictions – what will happen in the story?
  • Read the story ‘The Storm Whale’ to the class.


Discussion and artwork

  • Ask the class to identify the key message(s) of the book.
  • Discuss the importance of looking after the environment and the animals who live in different habitats.
  • Examine the cover print in the book (showing the silhouettes of whales on a blue sea background).
  • On large sheets of paper, the children work in groups to paint a blue sea background.
  • Using potatoes and black paint, create whale-like shapes and print them on to the blue backdrop.
  • Add messages about the importance of animal and environmental care and display in the school corridor.


Raising Awareness

  • At a school assembly, present the posters and explain the importance of environmental and animal care.
  • Display the posters around the school – on the Green Schools display board.


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