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Day of the dead

Topic: Day of the dead

Learning Outcomes

-understand the purpose and joy of celebration

-explore special celebrations that we share with others such as birthdays

-begin to explore festivals in different cultures

-examine the art and music associated with the celebration of these festivals



Talk about Hallow’een and how we celebrate halloween in Ireland. Talk about Samhain and how it started the tradition of Hallow’een in Ireland.

Brainstorm if anyone know any other traditions which are similar to Hallow’een.


Explore day of the dead. Explain that it is a Mexican festival and in Mexican culture death is viewed as a natural part of the human cycle. Mexicans view it not as a day of sadness but as a day of celebration because their loved ones awake and celebrate with them. Talk to the class about the festival and how people create alters to celebrate the dead and serve traditional meals.

Look at the pictures on line of day of the dead, focusing on the decorative work on the face, and explore the celebrations during the festival. Look in particular at the masks that people wear during the parades.

Class to design their own day of the dead masks.


Compare the traditions of Day of the Dead to Hallow’een- how are they similar and different?


Other Resources for teaching this topic

use google/ecosia for images of the day of the dead