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Topic: Christmas

Learning Outcomes

This is a lesson about the nativity where infants can learn about the story of the first Christmas.



Introduce the lesson by asking the children what special time of year is coming up soon. Discuss some traditions and customs associated with Christmas e.g. Santa, presents, food, snow, reindeer etc. Ask the children if they know what happened at the very first Christmas. Create a KWL chart on the whiteboard or interactive screen.


When the KWL chart is completed, tell the class that the story of the first Christmas happened over 2,000 years ago when a baby called Jesus was born. Read the class the story of the Nativity. Afterwards, discuss the sequence of the story and give the children sequencing cards to complete in small groups or pairs.


After the sequencing activity, revisit the KWL chart and fill out the ‘What we have Learned’ section.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Interactive KWL chart

Christmas story powerpoint

Christmas story sequencing cards

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LT focus: 

  • Listen, read and discuss a Powerpoint about the Nativity
  • Sequence the story of the Nativity
  • Answer questions about the story of the Nativity



Who is looking forward to Christmas, why?

Is Christmas a religious holiday?

Which religious group celebrate Christmas?

What is the Nativity?

Watch a short animation about the Nativity.


Listen to teacher read about the Nativity on Powerpoint.

Children read the story, discussing the story focusing on characters and events.

In groups, sequence the story


In groups, answer questions about the Nativity through teacher-led assessment on Kahoot.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

Youtube animation


Kahoot interactive assessment (children work in groups on iPads to answer questions based on the Nativity)