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Topic: Hannukah-Channukah

Learning Outcomes


  • listen to and experience the sound and music used by major religions to celebrate their faith
  • look at and respond to the differing art forms associated with festivals-Hannukah




  • Get children to recap on above in pairs. Have students work together or individually to create a timeline of the story and celebrations of Hanukkah. Students should start their timeline when the second temple was being built and continue it through to today. They should include the story of the oil, the dates of when it became a national holiday in Israel and in America, and when the different aspects of the celebration were introduced.


Sing the song, Dredeil.

Extension: Make a dreidel-use template on card. Use chocolate coins for gelt.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Youtube video-

Read write Timeline maker-A really good online tool where children can make their own timeline and save, print and edit.