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Guided Meditation (Buddhism)

Topic: Guided Meditation (Buddhism)

Learning Outcomes

The child will be enabled to:

  • Understand the main beliefs of Buddhism
  • Observe and discuss important Buddhist symbols
  • Become aware of meditation as a key practice of Buddhists
  • Explore and discuss the story of Buddha/origin of Buddhism
  • Participate in the guided Lotus meditation



Students will participate in a mystery picture quiz to arouse their interest in the topic.

A total of three pictures will be used for the introduction.

Teacher will assist in identifying and using specific vocabulary to describe the pictures following the quiz; Buddhha statue, Lotus flower, and temple.


Students will listen to the story of Buddha and discuss. Following the story, students can complete a drawing activity of the main symbols of Buddhism covered in the power-point.

Teacher should ensure the significance of the main symbols of Buddhism are highlighted regularly throughout and after the story.



Students will complete a guided Lotus meditation under instruction from the teacher.


Other Resources for teaching this topic for Lotus Meditation

Note: It should be made clear that Buddhism is a non-deity belief system.

Students should briefly introduced to the concept of Karma and Dharma