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Topic: Diwali

Learning Outcomes

The child will be enabled to:

  • understand what Diwali is and when it is celebrated;
  • understand the meaning of the lamp;
  • recall the story of Rama and Sita;
  • recall how the festival is celebrated.



Introduce the class to the word Diwali and what it means;

Complete a KWL chart in groups, establishing the prior knowledge of the class.


Using a powerpoint presentation, explain to the class the origins of Diwali. Help the class to understand how Diwali is celebrated and how people prepare for the festival. Understand and identify the different symbols associated with Diwali.

Listen to and recall the story of Rama and Sita. Work in pairs to retell this story.

Introduce the class to Rangoli patterns and the significance of these patterns to the festival Diwali.


Complete the KWL chart in groups from the beginning of the lesson.

Take part in an art lesson creating a Rangoli pattern and display these in the classroom.

Listen to or read the ebook “Dipal’s Diwali ebook”


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