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World Autism Day

Topic: World Autism Day

Learning Outcomes

The children will:

  • understand that all sorts of people have autism.
  • design their own sensory relaxation box.
  • think about what is fair division of resources.



The children will brainstorm what they already know about A.S.D. and questions that they have. Results could be recorded on a whiteboard.


The children will learn that A.S.D. can effect:

  • how people socialise
  •  the senses (people can be over sensitive or under sensitive)

Children will learn that this means some people with A.S.D. will needs lots of alone time, others will not. Some people with A.S.D. may talk lots, others may communicate in different ways. (e.g. Ipads or PECS)

They children will explore the sensory aspect to ASD though designing their own relaxation box. They will think about their own sensory preferences. The children will be told that some people need to feed their senses and others need sensory breaks.


The children will gradually view the image of 3 children trying to see a baseball match. This will begin a discussion about how we can make our everyday environment/behaviour more Autism-Friendly.



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