Sample Yearly Plan

Strand September October November December January February March April May June
Theme Different
Human Rights Healthy Eating Christmas Equality Emotions Spring Animals Cultures in our school Water
Belief Systems Judaism
Rosh Hashanah 21/22
Yom Kippur 30th
Sukkot 4th Oct
look at paganism – Halloween
Belief systems
Compare places of worship- poss visits for more senior classes
Sikhism -birth of Guru Nanak 4thh Nov.
Belief systems compare leaders/ creation stories in junior classes.
Christian – Christmas – look at festivals of light- Diwali
Winter solstice
Humanism / Athesim
Celebrate non believers
Buddhism – Nirvana day Feb 8th Chinese new year Year of the Dog Feb 16th Hinduism – Holi on March 13th
look at music, art, dance associated with festivals
Belief systems-
Look at naming ceremonies across religions
Note Ramadan starts May 14 -finished June 15th
Seniors- Visit places of worship.
Humanism – summer solstice June 21st
Equality and Justice Rights and responsibilities-class rules,
Different families.
Anti bullying – rights and responsibilities – tie in with UN rights of the child. Food for thought- food for life
Grandparents day 24rd Nov
Martin Luther King day Jan 15.
Promoting equality – interdependence
Fairtrade fortnight -Feb 26 – March 12 Mother’s day – 11th ,
St Patrick’s day-17th celebration of irishness – seachtain na gaeilge
World Autism day April 2nd
Talk about equality for all – different rules for different abilities.
Migration – celebrate the cultures in school Celebrate different families – Father’s day June 17th.
Moral and Spiritual meditation
Morning meetings, discuss identity, individuality, responsibility.
Morning meetings
Moral principles in decision making
Circle time
Morning meetings
Reflection – using stories, poems, music.
Morning meetings
Circle time
Morning meetings Making fair decisions and resolving conflict
When I’m feeling… scared, happy, worried, loved etc Valentine’s day Circle time
Morning meetings
Responsible pet ownership. We are the world…
Cultural night – food – May 24h.
Circle time
Morning meetings. World oceans day June 8
Ethics and environment Explore different habitats in the school grounds Environmental care – focus on Green schools- link to SESE, plant spring bulbs Nature walks – autumn
Click team – switch off lights etc.
Take home rubbish, look after school
make bird feeders for home.
Examine cycle of life through seasons using examples from school garden and Curragh. Take home rubbish, look after school
Sew seeds in class for raised beds and geodome
Take home rubbish, look after school
Monitor seeds
Tree week March 5-11 (dates for2017 but 2018 likely to be similar).
Nature walks signs of spring
Sew seedlings out in raised beds
Take home rubbish, look after school
Weeding and take care of raised beds
Water conservation, Water games – SESE. Harvest lettuce, peas, radish etc.