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Planting Bulbs


Planting Bulbs

The purpose of this lesson is to explore the concept of growing plants. These bulbs should grow in spring.


T to have bulbs on table as hook and to encourage discussion with Qs to scaffold and or guide discussion.

Class will discuss what the bulbs are and what they will become IF they are cared for.

T will then show a plant to the class and place a plant on each table group again to initiate discussion among the children about the plant and different parts of the plant etc.

Leading to a whole class discussion, finding out what we know/don’t know.


So how does a bulb grow into a plant? How do we care for them?

Children to break into groups and find out the answer to this question online.

They will each be given a kind of plant that they will plant to learn about what it needs to grow and how we take care of them.


Children will present their findings.