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CBeebies Go Jetters Environment, Weather and Climate PowerPoint

Topic: CBeebies Go Jetters Environment, Weather and Climate PowerPoint

Learning Outcomes

How can I teach Key Stage 1 children about the environment?

Learn all about the Earth and its weather, environment and climate with our PowerPoint for KS1 students.

This resource is themed around CBeebies’ Go Jetters to provide your class with a comprehensive geography lesson.

The PowerPoint introduces vocabulary around topics which affect our world, such as ‘pollution and ‘climate crisis,’ and ask students to discuss those subjects.

So, check out the accompanying CBeebies Go Jetters videos right here and get learning about our world.

What is climate?

Climate is the pattern of weather in a certain place over a period of time. It is the usual condition of factors such as temperature and humidity, wind and rainfall.

Not only this but other meteorological elements over that period of time are taken into consideration too. But, in short, climate are a consideration of all these things over roughly thirty years.






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