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World Food Day Oct 16th

Topic: World Food Day Oct 16th

Learning Outcomes

  • Pupils will come to appreciate the importance of food
  • Pupils will come to see the importance of reducing food waste
  • Pupils will consider the benefits of shopping and eating locally and seasonally



Adapt to class level


  • Can you remember a really fantastic meal? Why was it so fantastic?
  • Why is food such a brilliant part of life?
  • Why do we have to eat food? (Energy)




Adapt to class level

Discussion / Written activity

  • Pupils research animals that don’t have to eat that often. Report back to class
  • What would it be like if you only had to eat once a week or month or even year, like some larger crocodiles? 
  • Would you like that? What would you miss? What would you do with all that extra time?

Think, Pair, Share

  • Today is World Food Day, why do we have World Food Day?

Share – general discussion

  • Do you think everyone has enough food here in Ireland / around the world? Why / why not?
  • What causes people to be hungry?
    • Poverty – why?
    • Conflict – why?
    • Drought – why?
    • Climate Change – why?
  • What do you think is the worse thing that can happen to food? (Try to elicit, being thrown out)
  • Why is this the worse thing?
    • Too much food grown, too many resources used up for no reason
    • Food miles
      • Country may need that food
      • Environmental cost of shipping food

Think, pair, share

  • What are some good things to keep in mind when shopping for food?
    • Local and seasonal food – What does local mean? What does seasonal mean?

For senior classes

Concern video on Hunger Heroes – (scroll down page)


Adapt to class level


Next time you’re in the supermarket, find two kinds of food that come from abroad and two kinds that are local. Discussion in class

Hotseating: Pupil becomes pineapple / garlic / chilli imported from great distance and are interviewed by others in class who are apples or similar locally-produced fruit or veg (discussion should focus on food and not on migration / immigration etc.)

  • How did you get here?
  • How long did it take?
  • How do you feel now that you’re here?

Pupil / Teacher bring in local, seasonal food.

  • What could we make?
  • Simple recipes shared
  • Pupils develop own recipe book

Conscience Alley

  • Pupil walks through alley
    • on one side, fruit / veg from abroad arguing they are the best buy
    • on one side, local, seasonal fruit /veg arguing they are the best buy

Visual Arts

  • Collage of favourite foods from magazines etc.




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