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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Topic: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Learning Outcomes

  1. To develop an awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  2. To enable the children to appreciate its relevance today.
  3. To identify what rights are the most important to them and the rationale behind their choice.



  1.  Teacher shows the children the video entitled ‘ The Price of Silence’. S(he) asks the students a number of questions e.g. Why do you think this video was produced? What message do you think the producers were trying  to communicate?
  2. Teacher solicits students’ prior knowledge of the UDHR.


1. Children are divided into groups of six where each child is provided with a copy of a child friendly version of the UDHR.

  1. They are asked to do the following:

(A) Read the document.
(B) Discuss what are the five most important rights included in this document.
(C) Rank these rights in order of importance.
(D) Explain why they decided on these five rights.





Each group is invited to share their conclusions with the rest of the class by nominating a spokesperson to speak on their behalf.

  • The teacher collates the responses on the IWB, identifying the overlap in terms of rights chosen & the assigned ranking.
  • The teacher asks the groups to review their conclusions on the rights chosen and ranking based on the whole class discussion.

    The teacher asks children what changes, if any, would they make to the UNHR to make it more relevant, probing the rationale behind their suggestions.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

  1. Children could work on iPads to collate the output of their group work through mentimeter.
  2. In another class e.g. music the children could write and perform a rap to promote awareness of the UDHR in school.

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