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Topic: Halloween

Learning Outcomes

-understand the purpose and joy of celebration

-explore special celebrations that we share with others

-begin to explore festivals in different cultures

-To discuss what we already know

-To discuss the origins of a popular festival

– To carry out research



Discuss Halloween – complete a KWL chart with whole class. Why do we celebrate it? Where does the tradition come from? Samhain etc.


Children to research different aspects of Halloween on the Chromebooks in small groups. Eg. Traditional games, costumes, where and why it started, reason for pumpkins etc.
Children will then make a mini project in their group on their topic. They will present them to the class.
Children to do some art based on Halloween – clay pumpkins.
Children to play some traditional Halloween games in class – bobbing for apples etc.


Children to fill in what I have learned part of the KWL chart and present their projects and clay pumpkins to another class.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Using Chromebooks for research