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The Lorax

Topic: The Lorax

Learning Outcomes

  • By engaging in this lesson, children will be enabled to understand the importance of the world’s forests, and that trees are a resource we need to survive
  • Children will identify effects of deforestation and how we our habits contribute to the process
  • Children will be enabled to conceptualize practical ways to help reduce their own carbon footprint, and how to implement these methods in their day-to-day lives



  • Show pupils the first “The Lorax” clip – did you chop down this tree?- to introduce the topic of mass deforestation. Ask them to consider the following whilst watching:
    • Why does the lorax try to stop him cutting down the trees?
    • Are the man’s actions good for the environment? Why/Why not?
    • What do you think will happen next?
    • Who do you think will be affected by the cutting down of trees?
  • Put questions back on board and ask to discuss in groups  – ask for a few examples from each group


  • Show the second clip – the last seed – and ask them to consider the following:
    • How have the man’s actions damaged the environment?
    • Do you think it’s important for the boy to plant the seed?
  • In context for our own environment – discuss: does anything like this happen in our world? Why? Allow for suggestions – the Amazon, etc
  • Show slideshow of nature pictures  (lush forests, wildfires, logging; selection of 4/5)- explain photo, whole class vote and discussion on whether the contents of the picture depict scenes that are good or bad for the environment/ and wildlife


  • In small groups,  children decorate an A2 poster to be displayed in the classroom and around the classroom, depicting what they can do in school and in their home lives to help protect trees both locally and worldwide.
  • Alternatively, children can work in groups to create a leaflet on publisher and publish these to the school wesbite/social media

Can extend to include the envirnomental impacts of overusing palm oil – Animal Habitat loss (focus on orangutans)


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