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Autism Awareness Day

Topic: Autism Awareness Day

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

The child will be enabled to:

  • identify things which make each child unique
  • understand more about Autism and that people are born with autism
  • begin to identify some of the characteristics associated with people with autism, but that all people with autism are different
  • identify some of the ways in which people with autism may respond to various stimuli



Unique: Pupils have a discussion about what makes them unique – what they like, dislike, what they are good at, what they find challenging.


Autism: Teacher introduces the word ‘autism’ and asks the class if they have ever heard the word before, or if they know anything about it.





Teacher defines what autism is and discusses how people with autism are born with it and that autism affects the way their brain works.


Video: pupils watch a video about autism and how a child with autism may behave in certain situations.


Language: Pupils learn that people with autism may make their voice heard through pictoral systems, communication devices, apps.


Stimuli stations: pupils rotate around various stimuli stations (feeling jelly, playing with sand, listening to noise etc.) Pupils discuss which stimuli they liked/didn’t like. They can begin to realise that everyone has different preferences and it is due to their brain telling them how to respond. For a person with autism, their senses can be heightened and it can be difficult for them to be comfortable around certain sounds, smells, tastes, touches.


Circle: pupils come together to discuss what they have learned about autism and the importance of autism awareness. Discuss how lack of understanding or awareness may have a negative impact of somebody with autism.


If applicable, classes could visit ASD unit in their school to learn about the various resources available to support the children in their day-to-day life.


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