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Topic: Migration

Learning Outcomes

The child shall be enabled to:

  • identify and name basic rights e.g. the right to food, water, shelter, health, play, to be safe, not to be hurt etc.
  • describe what makes a home feel safe/unsafe
  • identify the reasons why people might migrate



Discuss different types of homes and what makes our homes feel safe.

Introduce concept of migration and put up poster with a definition.


Using the book/posters ‘If the World Were a Village’, introduce concepts of inequality in the world.

Discuss reasons that people might choose to/need to leave their homes.

In a whole-school setting, create artwork to represent different cultures/backgrounds of people in Ireland.



Display the artwork in a prominent space/use as the focal point for an assembly on this topic.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Book: ‘If the World Were a Village’ by by David J Smith and Shelagh Armstrong