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Plastic Pollution

Topic: Plastic Pollution

Learning Outcomes

The children will be enabled to:

  • Identify the different types of pollution and the effects it has on our environment
  • Discuss pollution and ways to prevent it





  • The word pollution is written on the board and the children brainstorm what they think the word means. These ideas are written up around pollution in a spider diagram form.
  • The children are shown an age appropriate powerpoint on Pollution and the effects it has on the environment both on land and in the water
  • The powerpoint shown in the introduction is discussed. Questioning is used throughout.
  • Using different coloured marker on the board, the children add to their spider diagram to further develop their understanding of pollution



  • The story ‘The Messy Magpie’ is read to the children and discussed in detail at the end. The children role play their reaction to the story in their groups using stick puppets from the story.
  • The children look at the role of the magpie and the role of people in the story. They decide who is more to blame, the people or the magpie? This is done as a group or think/pair/share activity and discussed afterwards as a whole class.
  • The children discuss the different dangers for the environment when plastic isn’t disposed of correctly. They are given a worksheet with 5 different boxes and they must draw five ways they can help the Earth


  • The children in their groups are given A1/A3 card and are asked to create their own poster to prevent plastic pollution
  • The teacher writes key words up on the board to help the children with ideas and spelling.
  • They come up with their own slogan after certain ones are given as an idea.
  • They create a poster and this is shared with the class at the end


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