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Tree Week (March)

Topic: Tree Week (March)

Learning Outcomes

Pupils will be enabled to:

  • engage in seed collection projects and tree planting days
  • research and present work on the environment through computer presentations, video and wall displays.
  • identify trees in the locality of the school by leaves, seeds, etc.



Pupils will use think-pair-share to list as many native Irish tree species as possible.



Pupils will go on a tree trail to use iPads/digital cameras to photograph different tree species on the grounds of the school/the locality.

Where possible, pupils will collected leaves/seeds/etc. for a future Visual Art lesson.

On return to the classroom, pupils will use iPads to research facts about an assigned tree species.

Pupils will write a poem or design a poster about trees.


Pupils will work in pairs/small groups using the app Book Creator to create short stories which might include: images, voice-overs, texts, etc.

Kahoot quiz in which pupils must try to identify tree species by pictures of leaves


Other Resources for teaching this topic

iPads for photograph, fact-finding, Book Creator app, Kahoot quiz (see link above)