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Navrati- Hinduism

Topic: Navrati- Hinduism

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the celebration of Navrati of people who believe in Hinduism.
  • Identify the traditions engaged in during Navrati.
  • Design their own Navrati celebration outfit.



Elicit prior knowledge from the children about Hinduism e.g. Where do Hindus go to worship? What celebrations take place in the Hindu tradition?

Show the children some pictures on the interactive whiteboard of places/ things associated with Hinduism- Gods/Goddesses, Diwali celebration, Hindu temple etc.

Complete a KWL chart with the class on the whiteboard based on what the children already know about Hinduism and what they would like to find out about Navrati.


Present a PowerPoint on the interactive whiteboard about Navrati and its associated customs.

Children engage in a think-pair-share with a partner about what they have learned from the PowerPoint and whether it is similar to any tradition that they may follow or that they know about i.e. linking the custom of fasting to Lent in the Christian tradition.

Children relay what they have found out from the PowerPoint to the teacher and the class complete the KWL chart together.

Children are invited to design their own Navrati celebration outfit on white paper, being reminded that Navrati celebration outfits using consist of a variety of bright colours.


Children present their Navrati celebration outfits to the class by means of the ‘artist’s chair’ activity.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

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