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Life cycle of a Tree through the Seasons

Topic: Life cycle of a Tree through the Seasons

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify what a tree looks like in each season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
  • Identify in which season shows buds growing on trees.
  • Identify in which season leaves fall from trees.



Circle time: Use a talking piece.

Children name a fact they know about trees and take turns in talking.

Ask the children what they know about what happens to trees during each season.



Children will go on a nature walk during the middle of each season around the school grounds.

In pairs, children take pictures (using an iPad) of a tree, in particular, its branches. Children talk about the stage of development in the tree: budding; leaves and flowers blooming, leaves changing colour and shedding of leaves to bare branches.


Children will take 4 pictures in total of the same tree from the same angle. The teacher will put them together and print them out for the pair groupings.


Children will draw the difference of the tree’s cycle in each season in a grid layout.

Children will share their results and findings at the end of the year and discuss the differences with the whole class.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Children use iPads to take pictures to record the progress of the life cycle of a tree.