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Autism awareness

Topic: Autism awareness

Learning Outcomes

The child shall be enabled to:

  • further develop the concept of responsibility towards each other (Moral and Spiritual Development Strand)
  • explore rights and responsibilities in relation to the other children in the school and the contribution they can make to ensure these rights are upheld (Equality and Justice Strand)



Circle Time Discussion:

  • Introduce the idea that we all have some things in common and that we are also unique.
  • What do we have in common?
  • What makes each of us unique?
  • Pass a speaking object around the circle and give each child an opportunity to answer each of these questions.


Video about autism

  • Introduce the video – we will watch a video about how people view the world differently.
  • Show the video ‘Amazing Things Happen When’ :
  • Think, pair share: ask the children to name one thing they learned from the video.
  • Explain that some people have autism which means they experience the world differently and can find some situations overwhelming.


Ways to show respect for others

  • Brainstorm different ways we can show empathy and respect for people, particularly those with autism.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Amazing Things Happen When video available on YouTube:

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