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When I’m feeling…. scared, happy, worried, loved

Topic: When I’m feeling…. scared, happy, worried, loved

Learning Outcomes

  • recognise common feelings
  • match feelings to different situations and facial expression
  • create feelings word bank



Think-pair-share to create a word bank of different feelings.

Introduce idea of different feelings using a feelings loop game.


Get each child to take the feeling they had in the loop game and create their own picture to represent it. At the end, all the new illustrations will be put on a poster together with the feeling written on the back. It can then work as a flip chart to test for the different feelings.

The new illustrations could be used in a PowerPoint and work as a quiz also.


At the end, each child presents their piece to their group/ to the class to describe what they created and see if others can match it to the feeling from the loop game.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Using pictures as part of a PowerPoint.

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