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Conflict Resolution- Little Red Riding Hood

Topic: Conflict Resolution- Little Red Riding Hood

Learning Outcomes

  • develop and create an awareness of core values such as co-operation, freedom, happiness, honesty, love, peace, respect, responsibility, kindness, caring, safety and security in a peaceful and tranquil environment.
  • foster the development of peaceful, co-operative social skills, through stories, songs, games and movement.



  • the children re-tell the story of “Little  Red Riding Hood” in their own words using visual aids.


  • the children will begin to analyse the conflict present in the story, i.e. the wolf wanted to eat Little Red Riding Hood, she didn’t want to be eaten.
  • T&D: the children consider what would make both characters happy
  • T&D: the children try to establish common ground/shared goal between the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, i.e. both have been hungry at times, both are happy when they have eaten
  • T&D, Group Work: the children try to find a win-win solution by focusing on the wants of each character (if the class could find an alternative meal for the wolf, it may solve the problem!)

*Share, whole class: the children will share their views and opinions throughout talk and discussion


  • Teacher in role: the teacher will be in role as the wolf. The children will present their views and findings to the wolf in an attempt to solve the conflict


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Book Creator: the app can be used to re-tell the story with the conflict resolved.

*The children will be familiar with this story from prior teaching before engaging with this lesson

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