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Conflict Resolution

Topic: Conflict Resolution

Learning Outcomes

Students will be enabled to:

  • Explore and identify different types of conflict
  • Distinguish between positive and negative responses to situations involving conflict
  • Participate in a group task designed to promote positive conflict resolution
  • Perform a short drama to demonstrate positive conflict resolution



Students will complete a group word spill of vocabulary related to conflict. Students should have one minute to pair-share prior to completing the task.


Students should be placed into groups of no more than four. Each group will be given a scenario card detailing a situation involving conflict between fictional characters.

Groups should be encouraged to brainstorm positive responses to the scenario on their cards. Teacher should walk around and ensure students have formed an appropriate response prior to the conclusion activity.


In their groups, students will be given time to develop a short drama to demonstrate their chosen response to their conflict situation. The teacher should pause the dramas at various points and ask the students to predict a suitable resolution of each groups conflict.

Students will perform their demonstrations for the class. Teacher will initiate follow-up discussions after each response.


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