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Naming ceremonies (Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism)

Topic: Naming ceremonies (Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism)

Learning Outcomes

Exploring the rites and ceremonies associated with a variety of belief systems:

-To explore the rites and naming ceremonies associated with various religions (Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism)



Christianity: To introduce the lesson, I will ask a few of the children their names, I will then ask them where they got their names from and if  they celebrated it (to elicit baptism etc.) I will then begin to discuss how special and important our names are to us. I will share with  the children that I am named after my Aunt. The children will share any stories they have about where their name comes from and if they have any nicknames with a partner and then report back to the class.

Buddhist welcoming ceremony: Recap baptism and then introduce the Buddhist welcoming ceremony *see PowerPoint for info*

Hinduism naming ceremony (Namkaran) : Recap baptism and the Buddhist welcoming ceremony, introduce the Namkaran ceremony *see PowerPoint for info*.


-Identify differences and similarities (baptism and Buddhist welcoming ceremony)

-Identify similarities and differences for all 3 ceremonies

-Activity during development:

Christianity – making name leaves

Buddhism- creating prayer flags

Hinduism-  designing mandalas

*see PowerPoint for info*


Recap the main focus of each ceremony and the similarities/differences of each.

Display name leaves, prayer flags and mandalas as part of your Croi na Scoile classroom display along with objects associated with the naming ceremonies (baptism candle, sugar/honey pot, holy water etc)



Other Resources for teaching this topic

PowerPoint link for 3 naming ceremonies: