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Climate Change 4th Class

Topic: Climate Change 4th Class

Learning Outcomes

Climate Change outcomes:

The child shall be enabled to:

  •  understand the impact of the actions of people on the environment through the generations
  • explore how we can enhance our environment for future generations through energy conservation, tree planting, preservation of habitats
  • further develop the concept of waste management through creating awareness of the Bring Centres, Green Bins and recycling areas in the school.
  • discover ways to move towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle such as turning off lights, reducing the amount of water used, recycling paper in the classroom and home
  • debate on environmental issues
  • become involved in local community clean up days/ anti-litter campaigns
  • research and present work on the environment through computer presentations, video and wall displays. 



KWL : Walking debate to begin to get an insight of children’s initial ideas/ beliefs/ understanding. Use this time to address any misconceptions which may arise.

Teacher will call out facts/myths about climate change and chn must position themselves by signs around the room: agree, disagree, unsure.

  1. Climate change is caused by the sun. (this website expands on this: )
  2. Today the planet is warming much faster than it has over human history.
  3. Burning fossil fuels impact on climate change.
  4. Climate change means that the earth is warming up.
  5. One way to decrease rate of climate change is to plant more trees.

Following this, groups to brainstorm what they know about climate change already. Teacher prompts: What does this mean? Who does it affect? How can we help?






At this point- progress check- can chn add to their brainstorm sheet.

Explain main task: chn to do peer teaching.  Give groups a section to research. (Provide suitable QR codes to scan to selected websites- differentiate here). Chn research and then present their findings to class.  ‘Audience’ to add to their brainstorm after each presentation.

  1. What is it?
  2. Causes?
  3. Impact on us every day?
  4. Steps we can take to help?


Following this, ICT link: recap and summarise the lesson.


Using will need an account) chn can add to the class wall in pairs using theirs iPads.

Chn scan the QR code shown on the board to access the padlet created by the teacher and summarise their learning from this lesson.   This will be the L for our KWL.  Ipads per pair needed.


Teacher displays the padlet as live summaries are added and uses this to address any misconceptions which may still arise or to consolidate new learning.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Use of padlet-


Use of iPads to research with QR codes.