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If the World was only 100 people

Topic: If the World was only 100 people

Learning Outcomes

For student to be able to identify lacks of equality and justice around the world.

For students to be able to emphasise and understand why this occurs in our world.

For students to be able to discuss the difference and similarities between their community and the community of others

For students to reflect on how they can make a difference and make an improvement to others lives



Students discuss different aspects of their society – ‘What makes up our society?’

‘What would we expect to see/hear in our society?’

Students discuss aspects of a third world society- ‘What would you expect to see/hear in a third world society?’

What could be different/same?

Students can design a Venn Diagram to show their thoughts.



Students watch the ‘If the World was only 100 people’ video on Youtube

Teacher leads discussion of what they have seen.

Students reflect on different issues that have came forward from the video….student interest lead.


In pairs or small group students can prepare a ‘notice poster’ or google slide of a social justice issue which has came from the video/discussion.

Children research their own topics and gather information to explain the why/how something occurs differently is all society.

Teacher could also integrate drama by having role playing. I have even had students prepare a ‘shadow dance’ where students prepare an explanation dance behind a curtain. Music is usually used to add an extra impact.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

If the world was only 100 people – video or book form -Youtube