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Lesson on Festival of Ramadan

Topic: Lesson on Festival of Ramadan

Learning Outcomes

Children will be enabled to:

  • Communicate the context and cultural significance of Ramadan
  • Demonstrate the reason behind the timing and duration of Ramadan
  • Create a video highlighting what Ramadan is like to experience



I will open a chart or whiteboard slide to brainstorm from previous knowledge on Islam and add a new slide with ‘Ramadan’ written in the middle. I will ask the class for their ideas and suggestions for what they think Ramadan involves or what it is.  (5 mins)


Having gone through what they know I will reiterate to them the Ramadan is a period of fasting for Muslims, where they must observe strict rules of fasting during daylight hours. I will ask them to think of any other religions that have similar practices i.e.(Christianity and Lent). (3 mins)

I will then ask the children to open up a pre-prepared slideshow that I will have posted on Google Classroom. This slideshow is a combination and edit of two different slideshows downloaded from the website Twinkl. We will go through the first part of the slideshow that goes through some facts about Ramadan and discuss these as a whole class. (8 mins)

We will then look at the rest of the slides which highlight the experience of a Muslim child during Ramadan. We will discuss these and I will have prepared some guided questions to keep the discussion on task. (5 mins)

I will then split the class into groups and the children will have to come up with a drama based on them experiencing Ramadan. They will have to plan the drama out on a Chromebook, or iPad. They can record or film their drama. When finished they will upload both the plan and video to the Google classroom page or their drive. I will walk around the class and observe and assist the children as they complete this task.(20 mins)


We will add a new slide to our brainstorming chart with ‘Ramadan’ written in the middle. The children will have the opportunity to give me contributions on what they now know about Ramadan and we will compare this to the one completed at the start of the lesson. 

For a follow on task for class or homework the children will have to complete their own Ramadan story where they will have to imagine they are a Muslim child during Ramadan. I will tell them they can complete it as a narrative story or a series of diary entries. They will type this and upload it when finished to the class Google Classroom page.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

The children will make use of:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Chromebooks
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Slides
  • iPads

This lesson is based on the having use of Chromebooks and the access to google classroom. It can similarly be adapted without these.



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