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Recognising and Embracing Our Uniqueness

Topic: Recognising and Embracing Our Uniqueness

Learning Outcomes

  • That each child will gain an understanding that they are different from their peers.
  • That each child will celebrate difference.



Teacher introduces the lesson by saying how we are all different.

She brings two children up in front of the class and shows how both have different coloured hair, height etc.

Think/ Pair/ Share activity: They describe their neighbour to their neighbour in a pair activity.


Teacher then gives an oval template to each child and some coloured wool and gets them to draw themselves. The wool is used for hair.

The pictures are then put on a noticeboard.

Teacher then reads the story Horray for You, a story celebrating how unique we all are.



To conclude the teacher gives each child a web and gets them to draw a picture that tells about your special talents or interests.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

A copy of the Hooray for You is available online.

This lesson can take place over two days as there is quite a bit involved.

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