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Topic: Easter

Learning Outcomes

  • To identify Easter as a sacred time of year for Christians around the world
  • To learn the key vocabulary associated with Easter
  • To complete a written exercise pertaining to the story of Easter



  • The children will be asked what Easter is all about, and what they know of Easter already.
  • The children will be asked, in pairs, to brainstorm key words associated with Easter, and to contribute these words to a word web on the whiteboard.
  • The children will listen to the song “One, Two, Three” –


  • The teacher will read a passage from the Bible associated with Easter.
  • Key words and vocabulary used from the passage will be highlighted for the children.
  • The children will then complete an interactive storyboard activity, in which they sequence the events of the biblical passage that they’ve just heard.
  • When the groups have concluded this exercise, children from each of the groups will rewrite the Easter story.


  • The teacher will ask children various questions across the room about the written pieces that they have just completed.
  • The teacher will remind the children of the new key vocabulary learned in the lesson.


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