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Topic: Environment

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and discuss local, national and environmental issues
  • Realise that there is a personal and community responsibility for taking care and conserving the environment




Activities include:

  • sorting activity bag with some items that can and cannot be recycled – include items such as straws, pizza boxes, toothbrush, one off plastic bottles, newspapers etc etc


  • class discussion @ the meaning of the words – reduce, reuse, recycle as well as discussing practical ways that we can reduce, reuse and recycle and how do we get rid of items that we no longer need/want.
  • Children complete an activity under the four headings in LT workbook / handout
  • Design a poster to improve the environment
  • Video on line about protecting the environment / global warming
  • Discuss overuse of plastic and damage it is causing including oceans
  • Link to care for classroom including correct bin usage


Key points from lesson – look at posters and messages on same


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