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Environmental Interdependence

Topic: Environmental Interdependence

Learning Outcomes

The children will explore and learn about the concept of Environmental Interdependence through

reading and exploring the story of “The great kapok tree” by Lynn cherry.




Discuss what they already know about the amazon rainforest. Where it is , how large it is etc.

link it to previous learning in science – how plants give us oxygen

amazon rainforest are sometimes called the lungs of our planet.




Before introducing the book we are about to read – link it to previous learning in science

about the layers of the rainforest canopy. – what is found at each level?

Introduce the book saying it is about a really large tree that grows in the rainforest

it is a home to lots of species that depend on it , even us.


Read the story.





discuss the book when it is finished from the prespective of the different characters.

what choices were difficult? were you aware of how one action could impact on so many


extension – drama lesson where a ball of wool is used to connect all creatures to the tree and the

woodsman cuts the wool when he cuts the tree

extension – deforestation , food webs, bees habitats, etc.


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