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The day Gogo went to vote

Topic: The day Gogo went to vote

Learning Outcomes

The children will listen to the story of the Day Gogo went to Vote.

They will learn about voting, democracy and human rights.

They will be in role as children either being granted or denied rights.



Children willl be asked about voting and what they think it is and why it is needed

They will be given options and have to vote and explain why they voted that way.

They will watch a clip on Ellen about voting


ten children will be picked and given a yellow ribbon to wear. A list will be read out: children with yellow ribbon don’t have homework, they can have cushions, they have hot lunch, no uniforms etc. Questions will then be asked to children with and without ribbons; how did that make you feel? how do you feel about the rules and so on.



Children will listen to the story of The Day Gogo Went to Vote

This will be discussed.


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