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Sikhism, 5 K’s

Topic: Sikhism, 5 K’s

Learning Outcomes

-recognise the 5 K’s of Sikhism

-name the 5 K of Sikhism

-explore the importance of the 5 K’s



Talk about Sikhism, where the religion originates from, what the followers are called.

Recalling the beliefs of Sikhs from previous lesson.

Show the 5 K’s of Sikhism.

Talk about their names, where it originates from and the importance to the religion.

Watch the video linked


Give each group a set of loop cards on the 5 physical symbols. Give each small group an opportunity to discuss the physical symbols.

Make the loop from the loop cards and compare to other groups.


A display will be made which displays each of the physical symbols. Give groups the opportunity to draw, paint or display the symbol in their chosen form.



Other Resources for teaching this topic

use of youtube video

kahoot quiz on the physical symbols

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