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Topic: Meditation

Learning Outcomes

Show the positive impact of meditation on our health and well-being.



Show the class the YouTube clip One Moment Meditation. How to Meditate in a Moment.

Discuss why the character may have benefited from his one moment meditation.


Ask students to close eyes in preparation for our meditation (alternatively pass out eye masks).

Gently lead a guided meditation (length to be determined by teacher). Suggested script:

Take a moment to acknowledge your body and to notice how it is feeling. Notice how you are sitting and the flow of the rhythm of your breath. Do not change the rhythm or try and slow it down. Remember that you are breathing with your whole self: from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, from the tips of your fingers on your left hand to the tips of your fingers on your right hand.

All is well, all is calm.

Concentrate first on inhalation- the in breath. The in breath is always healing, nurturing and life giving. Now begin counting by mentally counting the numbers one, two, three just before every inhalation.

one (inhale exhale)

two (inhale exhale) etc, try to get to number ten. If you get distracted or lose your place do not worry, just gently return to number one as often as you have to.

After you get to ten in breaths take a moment to notice how you are feeling. Observe the rhythm of your breath and stop counting.

Smile deeply, well done.



Lead a class discussion on how this meditation made us feel. What do we think the benefits might be if we were to complete this each day.


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