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Grandparents Day

Topic: Grandparents Day

Learning Outcomes

Appreciate the role of grandparents;

Carry out an interview with a grandparent or older person;

Complete a written activity or artwork based on grandparents;

Help organise and participate in an afternoon to celebrate grandparents.



Brainstorm the term “grandparent” with the class, recording key term on the board (family, fun, play time, ice cream, my dad’s parents, my mam’s parents) etc

Ask the children to bring in a photograph of them with their grand parent and discuss this picture in pairs.


Invite in a grandparent to speak with the class prior to this lesson;

Listen to some stories told by the speaker about their life and the games they used to play as children;

Ask the speaker a variety of different questions about what they do with their grandchildren, what school was like when they were younger etc

Make a list of questions that we could ask our grandparents about their lives or their lives as they were growing up;

Carry out this interview.


Plan an afternoon to celebrate grandparents;

Plan different stations to explore the different games grandparents used to play as children;

Complete some written activities (letter to grandparents/ acrostic poem/ picture of grandparents) to hang around the classroom on the day.



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