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Being a good friend

Topic: Being a good friend

Learning Outcomes

The children will learn what it means to be a good friend, all the qualities and characteristics that make a good friend.

The children will be able to list 3 qualities that make a good friend.

The children will be enabled to discuss what way they would like a friend treat them.



Play a song “You got a Friend in Me (Toy Story)  and ask the children to listen to the words and enjoy.

Discuss the song.

Write on white”What makes a good friend”



Get the children to Think Pair Share

Brainstorm the word friend on the board. Write down what the children report back.


Read the story “A Dinosaur called Tiny” –

The children will listen to the story.

To further develop the lesson, divide the children into groups and ask to create a Freeze Frame of their favourite part of the book.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

http://youtube You got a friend in me

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