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Topic: Islam

Learning Outcomes

The children will be enabled to a: 

  • Name the five pillars of Islam 
  • Explain what each of the five pillars of Islam mean 



Introduce the lesson writing the word ‘Islam’ on the interactive whiteboard (IWB) and as the children to discuss briefly in pairs what they already know about Islam.

Ask the children to share what they already know and make a note of all of this on the IWB, making a Brainstorm chart using the IWB software that I will save for the end of our lessons as an assessment tool to compare what they knew before and then after the lessons on Islam. 


Hopefully one of the children will have mentioned ‘The Five Pillars of Islam’ in the introduction section.  Then show the children a slide with ‘The Five Pillars of Islam’ written on it on the IWB, but they will also be able to open this on their Chromebooks in front of them as I will have it posted on our Google Classroom page. I will briefly read through the Five Pillars with their Arabic name and English meaning. (3 minutes)  

I will then split the class into 5 groups, and assign each group one of the pillars to research using their Chromebooks. As the children do this I will circulate the classroom observing and offering guidance. (10 minutes) 

Next each group will have 2 minutes to share what they found with the class, and I will ask questions of each group about their research. (10 minutes) 

We will discuss and draw comparisons between these and any other religions we have looked at during the year (5 mins) 


The children in their groups will design a poster using A3 paper based on one of the pillars of Islam each. Put a link to the class blog on Google classroom for the children to access any of the information they need to complete these, and remind them that they can look over the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ section on the blog for homework. (10 mins) 


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Use of Laptops/Chromebooks for research purposes. Use of IWB to document before and after knowledge. Previously made Slideshow on the Five Pillars of Islam on Google Slides. Class blog on Islam


  • The children will be questioned on their assigned Pillar of Islam after their research 
  • The children’s posters will be used to assess their knowledge of the pillars 


  • Interactive Whiteboard 
  • Chromebooks 
  • Google Classroom 
  • Google Slides 
  • Class Blog  
  • A3 Paper 
  • Markers