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Anti-Racism Day / Equality

Topic: Anti-Racism Day / Equality

Learning Outcomes

Begin to become aware of equality issues through celebrations e.g. ‘May Day’, ‘International Children’s Day’, ‘Anti-Racism Day’ and ‘International Women’s Day’



Watch the YouTube video of ‘Martin’s Big Words’


Ask the children to share their feelings about the story with each other in think pair share.


In a whole class setting, identify the difficulties that Martin experienced throughout his life. Record these on a living chart in Google Docs.

Discuss what caused the problems – define and clarify all topic specific words as they arise, record these on a living chart in Google Docs.

Re-read the story. Ask the children to pay attention to how Martin dealt with the problem and how he encouraged his friends to deal with the difficulties they faced every day.

Record the words Martin used – Love is the key to the problems of the world.

Ask the children to make connections to how the world has changed since Martin was a child compared to now. Record all the problems that the children see in the world now.

Allow the children to read the book and watch it as they want to find the answers to the above


A photo will be taken of each child and superimposed on a sheet with a thought bubble coming out of their head, in which they will write or draw a picture of social problem they dream about fixing. These will be displayed on the class noticeboard, and the Class DoJo page.

For extension activities, children can prepare and record their own speech on how to make the world a better place. This can be recorded in Voice Recorder on the class iPad.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Using class iPad to record individually prepared speech for children on extension activities.

Watching online book of ‘Martin’s Big Words’

Watching YouTube video of Martin Luther King Juniors speech:

Use iPAd to take a photo and superimpose onto a document on Google Docs with a thought bubble coming from the children’s heads.

Exstenion work on Roza Parks –


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