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Topic: meditation

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop his/ her meditative spirit through the provision of opportunities for silence and reflection.




    • Explain to the children what will take place during the lesson and why we are doing the lesson.
    • Bring the children to the sensory room and allow them to select a beanbag or mat for the duration of the lesson.
    • Show visuals to the children demonstrating how they can lie down on the beanbags/ mats.
    • Explain to the children that there will be a lady speaking on the CD along with the calming music.


    • Teacher will begin playing a track from the CD “Enchanted Meditations for Kids” by Christiane Kerr or “Mediation and Relaxation for Kids” by Dr. Elizabeth Scott.
    • Remind the children to still their bodies and close their eyes.

    If any child begins to become agitated an SNA will be able to remove them from the room and take them on a movement break outside to the green nature area. (autism specific)


    – To finish off the lesson allow the children to complete 2 mindful movement exercises following the clip Mindful Movement for Young Learners on You Tube (2.39 mins – 3.50 mins)

    If any child would like to remain lying down for an extra couple of minutes allow them to do so.


    Other Resources for teaching this topic

    You Tube link Mindful Movement for Young Learners

    This lesson was written by teachers of children with ASD but can be easily adapted to suit any class level.

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